Anjuna and Baga Beach ,Goa India

 Beach and Baga beach is situated at 15 kms distance from Panjim- the capital city of Goa. Both this beaches are the same, but named differently due to villages they face. For Anjuna village the beach is called Anjuna Beach and Baga village the beach is called Baga Beach. 

    The beach life begins in September to May that when the monsoon ends . So if you are a beach bum then you should visit Goa for beaches in those months. Arjuna beach was made popular by the hippie culture which was epic in the early 1970s. Goa was a popular spot to the hippie - culture back then. 

    Apart from the beach which looks stunning, I can say with full confidence as I personally visited this beach in the month of September. The sand , the surf and the cool breeze certainly gives out a Goa Vibe.   There are many sport activities on both these beaches, the usual found in  all the popular beaches of Goa. 

Facing the beach are many hotels shacks and clubs which are open and many have music concerts. Also if you want to relax the are beach beds which can be rented out.

Anjuna is famous for it's nightlife and the famous flea markets which was started by the hippies who sold their belongings like cloths, watches, chains and other items to get some cash when there was a hippie wave back in the 70's and it still continues till today only on Wednesday from till One can buy various Tibetan Artifacts,  souvenirs, key-chains, bags.  

The best time to visit these two beaches are in September to May. 

While I have spoken of all the good stuff above there are some cons to: the beach being tourist hotpots for domestic as well as foreign tourist remains crowded with over 8000 plus persons with continuous walk in and out . There is also a problem of parking due to the massive crowd. 

All and above it's a must visit place if you travel to Goa. 


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