Should you travel to Goa From November to May ?.....

So, Should one really travel to Goa, India in the month of November to May. Well it's a bit tricky question, but I will try my best to answer it. The answer is yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Lets take a look at the positives: The tourist season starts during October or November as the South-West Moonsoon (rains) recede in November. The rains withdrawal means traveling to tourist spots become much easy. Tourist spots like the beach or river become less risky. 

 When we mention beaches the shacks start their operations in November and end in the month of may so these months are the best as one can enjoy the beach and the food and drinks the shacks have to offer. 

Usually the Festivals in Goa start once the rains recede. The following are the festivals/events which take place in goa in the month of November to December 

Apart from the festivals its also the months that you will find people from all over the world... that is you may definitely find people from your own country .

Please  Festival of Goa to know more.


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